Choosing your cabinetry

When you need bathroom or kitchen cabinets, you likely have some options in mind already for pieces that will serve you best. Visuals, performance, and durability play vital roles in cabinetry, catering to specific requirements. Lifespan is also essential and plays into your overall shopping experience, which we're happy to help you with while you're here.

Cabinets in the kitchen

When you remodel your kitchen, your cabinets can make up as much as 30% of the project. They serve your need for beauty and décor matching with extensive material options, colors, textures, and extended additions like hardware. Kitchen cabinets could be the most critical part of the room's looks, but looks aren't everything.

Cabinetry gives you a place to store food and other items to keep the room tidy and decluttered. That's why it's vital to choose box sizes that fit your need and doors that offer easy access to your things. If your home is active and busy, you'll also want to consider options that bring durability to the forefront of your process.

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Bathroom vanity options that beautify and protect

When cabinets are in the bathroom, they deserve as much attention as kitchen choices. A bathroom vanity brings beauty, durability, and critical features to this space. Therefore, it's essential to start by choosing products that offer water resistance or waterproof features to deal with dampness, humidity, and splashing that happens here.

The vanity can be customized to meet any need. For example, add shelving, sinks, mirrors, lighting, and electrical outlets to improve your experience. If you need samples for this space, speak with an associate or designer who can help you make the most of your products.
Cabinetry in Fort Wayne, IN from Allen + Laine

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